It’s Patch Tuesday time. Make sure to have auto updates paused.
Every month we see the same pattern: Microsoft releases its Patch Tuesday regimen; the blogosphere flies into a frenzy about security holes that have to be patched right away; the patches bring bugs; the screams of imminent doom disappear as folks realize it takes a while – sometimes quite a while – for the security holes to turn into real, live exploits.

Those who patch right away stand the greatest chance of getting bit. Those who show a little restraint can watch as Microsoft fixes or works around the newly-distributed bugs. Think of it as unpaid beta testing as performance theater.

To be sure, you have to get patched eventually. Some systems at high risk (for example, Windows DNS Servers last month) do need to be patched right away. But for the vast majority of Windows users, waiting a couple of weeks to get the latest patches applied doesn’t hurt a bit – and it gives Microsoft a chance to fix the bugs it invariably introduces.

If you don’t do anything, you get to beta test the patches as soon as they come out. But if you temporarily pause updating – using a setting first introduced in Win10 version 1903 – you can sit back and watch as the brave pioneers take it on the chin.

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