IT manage services is critical to each business. ITLine solutions is a IT leading company located in Edmonton & Calgary. ITLine offers a great service in providing affordable IT solutions for your company’s IT needs. We strive to offer the best solution at an honest price.

IT manage services

A cloud service can dynamically scale to meet the needs of its users; and because the service provider supplies the hardware and software ; the business don’t have to provision or deploy its own resources or allocate IT staff to manage the service.  Examples of cloud services include online data storage and backup solutions; Web-based e-mail services, hosted office suites and document collaboration services and more.

Private Cloud

ITLine solutions provide IT manage services such as hardware, networking switches, and virtualization are now providing elastic computing concepts IaaS providers leverage to our valuable customers.

In a private cloud, the infrastructure, the platform, and the software are all dedicated only for one business. The end customer runs their own data center, provides most of the hardware and software, and maintenance. Affordable IT solutions that come with cloud computing tend to evaporate in this model of deployment. However, certain industries with highly sensitive data prefer to use private clouds due to a perception that they’re more secure than public clouds.

Managed IT Services

Take Advantage of Cloud Services

For every size of businesses of every size, investing in cloud solutions today will boost your business to run smarter and more efficiently, and you focus on advancing business.

Cloud Services will provide business to connecting remote workers and providing easy access to apps and data from your business . Make effective change that helps you meet your business objectives to drive growth.

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We help you make smarter IT investments by driving resources out of managing today, freeing your business to move further, faster.

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