ITLine solution offers full set of server management support services in our plan, which provides best coverage for your servers. Call Us Today for a free assessment!

ITline solution provide the following IT Service in Edmonton :

  • Monitoring of the server and apps running on the server. Checking their status, uptime, and monitoring for any new or recurring issues.
  • Updating the server and software on the server. ITLine solution will provide security patches and updates for your server.
  • Setup and configuration. The actual server setup and configuration of software and services running on the server.
  • Other. This is where the issue in defining what server management actually is arises.

Everyone owns a business needs server management.

You may Call Us for a free assessment!

  • Companies.
  • Web Developers and Web Designers.
  • Beginners that own servers.
  • Anyone that likes to leave the server worries to someone else.
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