Managed IT Services can be customized to fit your business requirements. While we are managing existing IT devices, we can also propose new technologies to help your business continuity.

Did you know most of your business goals can be achieved by using managed IT services?

Managed IT Service in Edmonton

With ITLine Managed Services, our experts can monitor, manage and support your entire IT environment, providing smooth IT solutions for your technology needs. Reducing operational costs, and being more productive is the benefit.

We offer several levels of service designed to meet the unique needs of each business. You can pick the service level which best fits your business.

Standard Services

Standard Managed Services is the standard version of managed IT Solutions. It offers critical monitoring and management of servers and networking infrastructure. This service is for organizations that have skilled IT resources on staff, and IT staff will be responsible for daily operations aspects.

Advanced Services

Advanced Managed Services is the services that include monitoring and management network and server infrastructure, also resolving your tricky technology issues 24 hours.

Premier Services

Premier Services is the highest level of Managed Services. These services offer all aspects of your daily IT operations. These services include monitoring, patch management, incident resolution, and all other issues.

We address all of the technology concerns on a daily basis. This technology needs range from computer crashes and password changes to complex firewall rule additions and routing changes.

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We help you make smarter IT investments by driving resources out of managing today, freeing your business to move further, and faster.

Our Managed IT Service can be customized to fit your business operations.  Call us today to book a free assessment.